How Does Flotrol Treat The Detrusor Muscle?

Before we get right into answer the question about how Flotrol treats the detrusor muscle malfunction, let's define what this muscle is from the start. This muscle can be referred to medically as muscularis propria or the detrusor urinae muscle. For the simplest form here, we are going to refer to it as the detrusor muscle. This is a very smooth muscle th can be found on top of the bladder wall, also known as the bladder sphincters.

The job of this muscle is to alert the body when the bladder is reaching its storage limit. This is the sensation that you get that signals to your brain that you need to use the restroom. In most individuals, this muscle does its job without a problem. Unfortunately, for some individuals, the detrusor muscle gets a little overactive. This is referred to as an overactive bladder. This happens when the detrusor muscle signals that the bladder is full of urine when it actually isn't. 

Most individuals who suffer from this condition find themselves rushing to the bathroom and not being able to release any urine from their system. This can be frustrating, regardless of age. Flotrol capsules are recommended for those suffering from this condition. They work to slow down the frequency of the detrusor muscle so that it only signals to your body the urge to urinate when the bladder is actually approaching full.