The Five Classes of Fires

There are different types of fires which are categorized by their intensity and how fast they spread. There are various types of slow smouldering and fast flaming fires. Fires are also classified by the materials that caused them.

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Below are the main five types of fires that are caused by different types of combustibles:

1. Class A

Class A fires are known as fires caused by ordinary combustibles. For this type of fires, any fuel source is usually the source from where fire starts. It can be wood, paper, trash, plastic, etc. These are usually accidental fires and can occur in homes and factories.

2. Class B

This type of fire is started by flammable gas or liquid as its fuel source. It usually starts by liquids like petroleum based paints and oils, gasoline or kerosene. Flammables gases include propane or butane.

3. Class C

This type of fire is caused by electrical short circuit or overloading of electrical extensions. These fires can also be fuelled by big appliances, electrical transformers and motors. Theyare often experienced in factories and industries that has heavy electric equipment and deal with electrical energy.

4. Class D

This type of fire starts with combustible metals and some of those metals includes aluminium, potassium, magnesium and titanium. They are usually experienced in laboratory settings.

5. Class F

Class F fires are known as class k fires in America or cooking fire. As the name suggests it usually starts with oils and flammable liquids in the kitchen.

For most types of fires you need professional fire fighters and individuals with a fire safety certificate to deal with it.