Quality Work Needs High Level Of Commitment


Artist sees street as their platform for reaching public to portray their talent of art and they use walls of street as their canvas for painting. Artist does street art to make public aware about political issues and social issues and sometimes the just do street art for making awesome painting and they paint without any motive. Street art serves the purpose of reaching wider audience unlike art galleries and artist do utilises the street walls for showcasing their talent of art.

Street art has gained much popularity in recent years because of the talented artist which have showcased their classic work of art on walls of street. Urban street art has gone on much higher lever unlike earlier and people love to pose in front of those classic street arts and post those pictures on internet with hash-tags. The classic work of street art has become viral on internet and people gained the craze of visiting those street arts. Local artist have become guide for tourist to show them the classic work of street art.

The work of street art artist is not easy when they do the art professionally. They need to complete the street art in given time frame and they have to do it continuously without breaks in every kind of weather. Street art artist have to give high level of commitment for accomplishing high quality street art work. Street art artist have gained much respect past few years for their classic art.