6 Facets of Scaffolding Tasks In The Construction Industry

Modern day infrastructure industry has developed a lot of new school techniques to catalyse their construction tasks without having to compromise quality and safety standards. With increase in the pace of development especially in the metropolitans such as Sydney, London, Mumbai and Shanghai, the need for infrastructural development increases. Scaffolding Sydney is one important part of construction industry. Scaffold Sydney is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction of tall structures. Some of the things to be kept in mind while erecting scaffolds are :

Key Issues Involved in Scaffolding

Those using scaffolds must be trained and experienced personnel and aware of potential dangers and precautions to be taken. Key issues involved are :

  • Erection and dismantling

  • Stability of Structure

  • Precautions and inspection

  • Using and moving

Major Reasons of Potential Hazards and Incidents

Erection of scaffolds require due care and expertise. One has the option to avail services of scaffold hire provided. Major companies prevalent in Sydney provide such services. Causes of major hazards are:

  • Dangerous methods of erection and dismantling

  • Scaffolds are misused, such as placing ladders on scaffold at heights

  • Poor quality of equipment or improper installation

Methods of Erection

  • Advance Guard Rail System

  • Through the Trap (3T)

Ensuring Stability of the Structure

  • Make sure that scaffold is resting on the firm, levelled ground.

  • Castors are locked and base plates properly supported.

  • Stabilisers and outriggers are installed.

  • Tower is erected not above the height recommended by the manufacturer.

Inspection of Structure

  • Scaffolds must comply with requisite standards.

  • Proper care must be taken while purchasing the equipment to ensure that all the parts are delivered by manufacturer and equipment is of requisite quality.

  • Inspection must be carried out after erection and at regular intervals and its results must be recorded in writing.

Using and Moving Scaffolding

  • Never use a tower in strong winds, to support ladder or with broken parts

  • While moving a tower always reduce height to maximum 4m and check that there are no power lines or obstructions.